Possibility of an Upcoming Blender Animation

Possibility of an Upcoming Blender Animation

I’m trying to make a short animation using blender. I’ve been fiddling with Blender recently, which, if you don’t know, is free digital animation software. A few months ago I created this:

I’ve found out that if you export an LDD file into a .ldr file, you can then open it with LeoCAD, which can then export it into a .obj file, which Blender can read. This allows me to get very detailed models of virtually any Lego part into Blender. I had, at the time I discovered this, already modeled some parts in Blender using dimensions I found online. I had just modeled basic things like a 1×1, 1×2, 1×3, 1×4, 2×2, 2×3, 2×4 bricks and plates. They looked perfect, because I had used exact dimensions. I am thinking I’ll make an animation based off of only lego parts, which could look sorta like the Lego Movie, only not as good. Here’s one frame I rendered of a light and puffy cloud.

A cloud made of lego bricks

A cloud made of lego bricks, floating in the air.

Doesn’t look so great yet because it was rendered with pretty low resolution and only 50 samples. I also turned off Caustics so that the light looked less grainy. Kind of a cheap solution to the problem. As it is, it still took more than a minute to render. More to come.

Multi Tank Chassis Prototype One

Multi Tank Chassis Prototype One

For those of you who don’t know, SprinkleOtter is hosting a sort of collaborative project in which different people build different parts of a tank that he ultimately assembles using his parts. I have just finished the first draft of my part: the chassis. I had no treads, but then when I was at my cousin’s house last night, since he was going off to college, I inherited whatever I wanted from his collection. So I came up with this:











Still Working

Still Working

Still working on the touchscreener, still can’t get a mechanism that will put down the stylus in a way that it regiters. I still have to try a gear rack, i’ve tried every other linkage possible. If it doesn’t work after 3 more tries, I might give up and change it to a standard plotter. Or get a new stylus. Does anyone have ideas??

Prototype 1.5-touchscreener

Prototype 1.5-touchscreener

Halfway to the second prototype. The cheapness of the stylus meant that it didn’t register AT ALL. So I’m redesigning some stuff. What I’ve redesigned so far is the gear rack carriage, the thing that moves along the X axis. Now the motor is ABOVE the rack, to allow more space for the stylus mechanism. I’ll give a before and after.


Ooh, I don’t have a great picture of it and I’ve already undone it, but you can see that the motor is hanging below the gear rack, even though you can’t see the gear rack. Yeah, that motor in the background is hanging down. Oh well.


So you can see the difference.

Prototype- Touchscreener

Prototype- Touchscreener

My touch screener is now in a prototype phase, the X and Y axes move smoothly, and the little stylus goes up and down. The cheapness of the stylus is a setback, the tip bends too easily, so I think I’ll need a new one. Anyway, the new stuff after yesterday:


And un video por feliz. (I know, my Spanish is terrible)