Helicopter and Base

Hi everyone new MOC!

Here is my base for my helicopter MOC which you can see by clicking here.

If you came here from MOCpages, welcome to my blog! Do check out the other posts on here (some are from  the other 4 bloggers on here).

Anyways down to business! This base has space for the helicopter to land, has a lower and upper control room, a dormitory, a canteen and an armoury!

Overall pics:

Control rooms:

The upper control room is like the control tower at an airport. The lower one is a command room for the area around the base.


4 beds, completely smooth and with a chest of drawers and a lamp. Sliding door outside!


Complete with trays, drinks machine, stove, fish and apples!


Lots of guns, a box of grenades and plenty of backpacks!

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Thanks again



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