UNE Destroyer

Note: NOTHING to do with Gundam!

After the oil wars, most of the world’s great nations were destroyed. Britain led the United Nations of Earth and persuaded the remaining nations to join it. The UNE sent peace keepers around Earth to eliminate threats and together they rebuilt Earth.

100 Years later an alien race contacted Earth. They had found us from the radio waves emitted from all our TV and broadcasts from the last 2 centuries. They had learnt our language from them too. The aliens were, luckily, friendly but they warned us of a threat. A threat that would soon pick up those TV signals..

The UNE bought technology from our new alien friends and set up robotic defense stations around Earth. The citizens were moved underground and the surface was left to deteriorate. The idea was to make Earth look abandoned. The UNE also made a huge fleet and posted them on Mars, underground. Here is one of their ships, a destroyer.

The destroyer is armed with 4 massive fixed guns. These MAPC (magnetically accelerated particle cannons) could punch holes through alien capital ships, so our alien friends said. The ships were also armed with numerous laser cannons (the largest are visible on the ship), and had two hangers with dropships, bombers and fighters to protect the main ship.

The UNE proudly presents:



Control rooms

Upper control room

Lower control room (on the belly)


WIP shots

Look at that messy bed!

Thanks for looking! Please do check out my nano fighters (as seen in the hangers). Also thanks to Tim C for the idea behind the internal structure of the SHIP, do check out his creations! And yes it IS a SHIP, its 112 studs long! This really stretched my pieces, so I wasn’t able to greeble the underside much..

Thanks for looking!



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