Illegal Cargo Ship MOC

This baby is 65 studs long, features a complete living area and plenty of cargo space. A whole bottom level of cargo space! The ship features opening cargo doors, a rear gun, two rotating top guns and two guns at the front. Also, for the first time, the inside is completely smooth! YES!

Inside there is a kitchen area, a wine dispenser, a coffee machine, a lamp and drawers, a table a bin complete with apple cores, food storage, access to the back cargo bay, a double bed with TV and ship monitor for the captain, a complete cockpit with access to the front storage and my favourite bit:

A ROTATING WORKSTATION/BED! Whoo! That’s right you heard me! To save space, the co-pilot’s/gunner’s bed rotates to become the gunner’s station!


Thanks for coming along! I hope you like my ship – its not pretty but since when were cargo ships pretty!



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