Prototype 1.5-touchscreener

Halfway to the second prototype. The cheapness of the stylus meant that it didn’t register AT ALL. So I’m redesigning some stuff. What I’ve redesigned so far is the gear rack carriage, the thing that moves along the X axis. Now the motor is ABOVE the rack, to allow more space for the stylus mechanism. I’ll give a before and after.


Ooh, I don’t have a great picture of it and I’ve already undone it, but you can see that the motor is hanging below the gear rack, even though you can’t see the gear rack. Yeah, that motor in the background is hanging down. Oh well.


So you can see the difference.


4 thoughts on “Prototype 1.5-touchscreener

  1. I want to turn my EV3 Mindstorm into a robot that automatically touches my tablet and does some basic operations. Would you be able to help me? I am willing to pay money for good help. Thanks.


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