Backlog: Experiment 7: EDGE RIDA

Aim: Build a vehicle that is built on the side of its wheels for extra grip

Details: The basic idea was to build a vehicle that has only a tiny amount of its wheels in contact with the ground. This would mean there is more pressure on the ground and so, more grip. This project was built as 4 separate motor hubs which I then put together with some pendular suspension and extra suspension to keep the battery box safe. The biggest problem when building, was securely attaching the motors to the main frame. When the motor span, it kept spinning off the frame. So I built a cage around the motors which kept them together.

I used:
4 M power functions motors
2 IR receivers
2 infra-red remotes
1 battery box

Blurry images:

Took them in 2012 sorry!
324 325 326322323



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