Castle sneak peek / I still exist

Ok, so firstly, I still exist. Just putting that out there. Because I have been REALLY inactive. 😥 I moved, and am taking 2 accelerated classes in my new school, which leaves almost zero time to build. Furthermore, my workstation is now in the basement, which is relentlessly COLD. I’m getting a heater soon, and putting something on the cement floor other then cement, and I’m putting whiteboard paneling on the walls which are currently made of none other than sheetrock. Yeah. But I’m working on something pretty great, a castle. It has NXT now, if I get EV3 for Christmas it will have that, and it has a lot of decorative stuff. It will include when finished:
•Motorized drawbridge
•motorized portcullis
•anything else (comment with suggestions!)
That’s pretty much it, and now for some pics.

First, a top view of what I have so far.


Next, the courtyard, courtesy of my twin sister.

The drawbridge over the moat. The moat is just a mosaic on the baseplates.

And three pics of the drawbridge/portcullis area.





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