Today is the official launch of the home edition of the EV3!!! Now, I don’t own it yet, nor WILL I for several months, but I DO however, own the app on my ipad mini, with the instructions. First, I’d like to talk about this app. It plays out like a video, or step by step, with the next and back buttons. You can also drag the slider. It includes the main models, not the bonus models. For each model, there are multiple missions, like the NXT had. 20130901-103128.jpg Now, I’ll cover some of the models. First, GRIPP3R 20130901-103702.jpg Here are some pics to show how the mechanism works. 20130901-103753.jpg 20130901-103812.jpg 20130901-103831.jpg 20130901-103909.jpg So, from the small motor, there are a few gears, fairly simple. Next up is EV3RSTORM. It’s mechanism is fairly complex: it puzzled me, and still does. But here are some pictures, maybe you can figure it out. 20130901-104838.jpg 20130901-104902.jpg 20130901-104945.jpg So, I don’t know if any of you can tell, but I think it’s perplexing. Because the legs move as well as roll. And the last one for right now is R3PTAR. Fairly simple. 20130901-105123.jpg 20130901-105141.jpg 20130901-105155.jpg 20130901-105220.jpg Thanks for reading! Kwon, you should download the app on your dad’s iPad.


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