Mastermind Misdemeanors

This was the first animation I ever made, which I made when I was nine. It is about Doctor Dastardly, the first character you see, in his fight with Doctor Fisher, the scuba diver. Doctor Dastardly has sci-fi technology, and Doctor fisher is sort of posiedon-ey. I made this after I saw Studio Ghibli’s “Laputa”, or Castle In The Sky. (you should totally see that, it’s one of my favorites) It’s sort of about the importance of peace between technology and nature, and so is this. In both Laputa, and my animation, nature wins, though in mine, Doctor Fisher has a little bit of technology too. Me being nine, I kind of went crazy towards the end. This film was made with a TON of help from my sister, but even so, it took about 40 hours total, with building and filming.


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