Linear Steering Mechanism

This is a mechanism I devised for heavy-duty steering, which uses two linear actuators, one M motor, and one XL motor. It is for use primarily in walkers. I plan to use it in a four legged walker, in the following way: Construct two identical pairs of legs, each with only a single front or rear facing axle to power them. Have my XL motor in one of them. It drives the shaft of the two legged mechanism. Then it also drives the shaft with the universal joints, so it can transfer the power to the other pair. Now, I’ve taken the trouble to make instructions for it, available in LDD form here (bow to me for doing this if you know how _ _ _ _ing frustrating LDD is :P)



More pictures (from LDD)





So that’s my creation! This is a video of my prototype:

More photos:




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