An update, and a little ‘yay!’

Well, as some of you may know, I had had had my lego taken away by my parents took away my lego from me as of march 20. My little ‘yay’ is now I have it back!!! I immediately set to work on lego stuff. And my result, is an update to my racecar!

With this new version, the main difference is the drive motor. It now uses a more powerful XL motor, that is geared, 2:1. I might switch back to M, though as XL may just be too powerful… It wants it’s way. So if a wheel gives a bit more resistance than usual, it will keep pushing, but it becomes a problem when you hear gears slipping. As you may have seen with the M motor, ground clearance is awful. The steering drivetrain is less than a millimeter off the ground, literally. The M- motor was only barely two millimeters above the ground.


It’s hard to see in this picture, but that’s the bottom of the craft before today. Now I have two comparison photos for you all:





So I think the XL motor is good, overall. It barely fits where it does, pressed up against the underbelly of the NXT. I had the opportunity to fit gearing, though, because I had to move it 2 studs higher. I have to check if I can enter twice, because I’m tempted to make a second, with suspension, steering, and a looooong body.

Other projects I’m considering / working on

•Tri-boxNXT- a boxing robot based off of the first few steps of the bonus model tripod, which give you a triangular base to work with.

•Seniorcall 4 help- a robot for the senior solutions challenge that can dial a pre-programmed number in case of emergency (the touch sensor is pressed), and then use the NXT speakers to talk. (Ex: [dials] “There is an emergency at [address]. Please come quickly.

•Nxtcycle- I am buying a few of the lime green giant wheels that come in the Exo-Force mobile devastator:

And was thinking of building a motorcycle with them, maybe even for Kwon’s building challenge. This probably will fail, considering that I might not even get the bricklink order, but it’s an idea.

•Ultimatespew- this would be my ‘Opus’ if it ended up right.. A mechanism that would take a tray of parts, (small ones, like 1×1 cylinders, or plates) and funnel them into a huge gun mechanism that could easily spew them, in a flamethrower- like way, no accuracy, just a constant spray of parts being launched.
This is what I have so far:



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