3 speed auto gearbox

2013-03-24 10.17.26 2013-03-24 10.16.35 2013-03-24 10.16.55 2013-03-24 10.17.06 2013-03-24 10.17.18

HI everyone!

this is my first gearbox, has three speed. sadly it was to big to put it in the car 😦

Anyway, it has clutch, I was planning to make that to driven by hand but just I thought that will be better to motorized it so I made motorized clutch for that, enjoy!
Sorry for NO video, but Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “3 speed auto gearbox

  1. Move the NXT to somewhere else, and I bet it’d fit! In a car, there are places to put the NXT besides the gearbox 😛


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