Jeep Wragler Rubicon

Lego Jeep wragler rubicon

Hello! World!! 😀 (that sound is really cool :P)
Oh, I was come back! (with my 34th project) the Lego Jeep Wragler Rubicon!!!!!
it uses two nxts,2 nxt motors,2 power functions L motors, one power functions battery box, IR reciver V2,power functions remote,
and really many other lego bricks. future : front wheel normal steering, all wheel power normal steering, all wheel CRAB steering,opening doors with door locks, full remote control, fake light, four suspensions and 4*4 drive. whoa that is so cool 😀 😀
Anyway. I had many failen when I made it (will be next steps).
1. lego jeep wragler rubicon
2. front view
3. offroading
4. lego jeep wragler rubicon with its remote
5. wing is readied! are you going to fly?
oh. Thanks for reading!
thank you very much! 😀
Be positive! everything will better!
Kwon8429. the mindstorms builder.

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15 January 2013


this is my jeep’s suspensions! enjoy!

Front wheel normal steering

this is my jeep’s front wheel normal steering. many car uses this steering system. but my jeep has more steering systems see next steps! enjoy!

all wheels power steering

this is my jeep’s all wheel power steering. it turn well then front wheel normal steering anyway it is normal steering too.

all wheels CRAB steering

yeah. you can see. that is all wheels CRAB steering. that moves like holonomic drive. enjoy! 😀


this is jeep’s doors. these picture is step by step instructions about how to open doors. enjoy!


this is my jeep’s remote. one nxt brick, one power functions remote, two touch sensors. enjoy!

ending note..

oh. how was my jeep? hope you like it 😀 first pic : failen 1 2nd pic : failen 2 3rd pic : my custom working jet plane sketch 4th pic : ‘Lego’Kwon8429 with plants 5th pic : hand generated buggy enjoy! Thanks.


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