2012 Kwon8429!

OK. I already made some projects in 2013 but only for my 2012.

I builded 29 projects in 2012 august ~ december 😀 so many:D

christmas tree
tank rover
trailer truck
that was my first well designed  bot maybe 😀
jeep improved ver.
oh that was improved version isn’t it cool 😀
motor – trike
Velocity Landrone 5.0
that was wheelchair 😀
flystorms : the nxt flight simulator
2nd pinball
so many non- lego elemants 😦
battle rover
H.o.t (humanoid on treads)
H.o.t (humanoid on treads) 2.0
monster truck
speed geared sports car
LTWRS (tank)
rolls royce phantom
super cruiser
offloader prototype
freestyle car
monster truck 4wd
range rover
johnny five
hot rod

extra : 2013 and hidden projects

tumbler 2.0

clone turbo tank
tiger tank
THanks for reading~!  rate and comment 😀

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