making – behemoth truck!

HELLO! everyone! I am Kwon!

I am making a HUGE truck that called behemoth. that is explorer truck that can explore north pole, space, and other.. I am making it and 70% completed maybe. it has four independent suspension (i aparted lego technic 9398 so I get them) and also it has MINIBOT!  minibot powered by two power functions L motors (large motors) and controled by power functions remote control. minibot can explore the place where behemoth truck can’t go. (behemoth is huge because that have to carry some foods, waters, and others.  i will add gun, if  behemoth go to north pole , south pole jungle and other place, maybe it can hunting some animals. I will make it to drive itself, if you want more info, you will be know when it was completed.


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