2wd hot rod!

‘NXMotors’ lego nxt hot rod!!

Kwon8429 presenting!
Hello world! Kwon was back!
hi everyone – sorry for looong between time. I was busy to make this – the lego nxt hot rod! I promised ‘I will be better builder.’ maybe six days ago. and I am back – I think detail is amazing than my other cars because I aparted lego technic 9398 and I got some red, orange, yellow beams. so it was very colorful. also it has 4 kind of speeds.
anyway, please comment and rate this. we will wait for you. (from Kwon8429 team)
ok. thanks for reading.

following : nxteinawards and maerskfan’s midnstorms challenge

remote : bluetooth/2buttonwired

require :lego nxt 1.0, lego technic 9398 maybe.


start date – 2012/12/15

finish date-2012/12/16

made by Kwon8429

program by dave parker and Kwon8429



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