NXMotors : NXHummer MK 1!

yeah! Kwon8429 presents!!!!
I am COME BACK with my 28th project! The nxhummer!!!
many people makes their own nxt hummer. also I want to make nxt hummer after I saw many nxt hummers. So I made this! also I am following many challenge with this – ( more informations in next steps).
this is made by three nxt motors,one ultrasonic sensor, one light sensor, one nxt brick, and many nxt pieces. also it has sfx gun! ( more more descriptions in next steps. I think people don’t like REALLY LOOOOOONG descriptions in first step.)
do you want to know more about this robot? if so, please see next steps!!!


nxhummer has sfx gun. it doesn’t shoot ammo (because safety) but It shoot raser (light) and it make sfx sound with nxt brick! enjoy!!!!

Moveable Navigation

nxhummer has moveable navigation. so it can drive itself! enjoy!!!!!

program / video

sorry to say it. I losted program. sorry. I can’t upload video here because some technical problems. so, I will upload video other places. if you saw the video, please comment! Thanks!


yeah! I am following nxteinawards, military bot building challenge, and maerskfan’s mindstorms challenge. check these challenges! enjoy!!!!!

ending note

picture – my lego technic challenge entry : super offload buggy. How was my nxhummer? hope you like it! please rate and comment! Thanks!!!!!!!

on the nxtlog


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