update – Kwon8429

yeah! hello everyone! I am Kwon8429!!!!!!!!!!

I came here to post new update about my future projects. and come back plan on nxt log.

first I will make lego technic ‘you design it, we make it’ contest. I already uploaded one projects. ( I think nxtlog 2.0 is better than technic website. in technic website, I can’t write descriptions on my projects.) second, new NXMotors products soon. I will use lego digital designer 4.2. so, you can build products with instructions. 3rd, many people waiting. H,O,T (humanoid on treads) 3.0 is coming! maybe 4th Activity will be JUDGING entering results for ‘nxt log untimate car building challenge’! yeah. this is all. I didn’t plan 5th activity. it will be make cool projects.

Goodbye everyone. Thanks for reading.

P.s.to maerskfan. (who is this blog’s admin.)

it is just update. and I checked Uncategorized and I checked Kwon8429 and updates. (I checked updates because just it is update.)   I think I followed your guide (on YT). How do you think?


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