Backlog : NXmotors – lego nxt super cruiser!

Kwon8429 presents!
Hello! NXT everyone! Kwon8429 is back with his 21th project!
mmmm.. sorry for delay. I was busy to make this. this is lego nxt super cruiser!
my many many project are cars. maybe you know. (if you don’t know, you can click my username and see these!) cool trailer trucks (CTT),
cool nxt jeep, cool nxt jeep lmproved version,monster truck 1st version,speed – geard sports car! (Prototype)
,Rolls Royce Phantom 1, and this. lego nxt super cruiser!
and I will make another cars. I will call this ‘NXMotors”
if you want to know more about NXMotors, you have to see other step.

and this is very cool car! I made this with many nxt frames.maybe it can build by nxt 2.0 + 9695 set. i am SO interested in nxt cars, So I made this!
Look at the pictures! isn’t it cool?
(many funtions are in next steps.)

1. (‘NXMotors”)lego nxt super cruiser!
2. side view
3. rear view
4. side view 2
5. top view


this cars some parts can open! like these pictures, enjoy!


these are some pictures about lego nxt super cruiser’s chassis. enjoy!


maybe you want to know what is NXMotors, this is my (Kwon8429’s) car Series. and this is first project in NXMotors. i will add projects in NXMotors! enjoy!!!!!!


How was my (‘NXMotors”)lego nxt super cruiser? It was great? I hope you like this. THANKS VERY MUCH!!!!

and more pictures.

on the nxt log

Thanks for reading!

p.s. to maerskfan.  yeah. I try it. I think I followed your guide. How do you think?


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