Backlog : Nxmotors – awesome nxt unimog 1!

HELLO!!!!!!!!! everyone!
I am BACK with my 22th project!!!!! Wow! I can’t believe how to I made these project. this is awesome nxt unimog. It use two nxt sets and 5 nxt motors. and it is NXMotors ‘s 2nd project! (1st project is lego nxt super cruiser! you have to see this. click the username and see this!!!)
maybe you think I will be bored at nxt car but I am not!
I am really interested in nxt cars. it (awesome nxt unimog )has crane that has gears.
and it can move with its four wheel.
do you want to know more about this car? If so, please see next step.

steering of awesome nxt unimog

these are some pictures aboout awesome nxt unimog 1. that is my OWN steering system. enjoy !!!!!!!!!


these are some pictures about awesome nxt unimog’s crane. picture 1. crane 2. grab 3. gears. enjoy!!!!!

ending note..

How was my nxt unimog? I really hope you like my unimog. and video soon! and my H.O.T 3.0 and coming soon! (and please join the olympic nxt building challenge!) THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

( P.s. olympic nxt building challenge is ended! please enter my nxt log untimate car building challenge!)

on the nxtlog

Thanks for reading!



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