About (about Kwon8429)

hello! everyone! I am Kwon8429!

this post say who is Kwon8429  and How many lego sets he has. (I am a boy).

I am a boy who live in South Korea and like Lego. (especially mindstorms) I am12 years old and I do nxt log ,youtube,gmail,google+ and this site. NXTLoop. (or nxtl) and my lego story. I don’t have really many lego sets but I like lego!

my lego story :

my first lego was lego train. it can move itself also it follow Rail! and I bought many small lego set. and I get lego mindstorms nxts to my father’s friend.(for free) Wow! two 9797 set and one 9648 set. and 1 weeks ago, I bought lego technic 9398 rockcrawler.

Thanks for reading!

my small, but nice story.



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