Back to school

On the 5th I will be back at school. I don’t think that my tank will be finished because the turret is VERY hard. I will however pursue programming because I hate it. I hope to get rid of my hate, by doing some advanced programming and making some games. So I will post the games here. Since I go to boarding school and I am aiming to do a scholarship, I will be EXTREMELY busy this year. Projects will be few and far between but I hope that I will post at least every 2-4 weeks. I also need someone else to be a contributor to this blog.  If you’re interested please drop a comment on this post.




5 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Maybe several of us could keep it up. Since we’re all in school (I think) none of us has a ton of time. So if oh say 3 of us did it it would work. I’m up to be 1.


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