Tank prototype 1 (unfinished)

Recently I have realised that I do not have time to make a GBC. So I have decided to make a tank. This is my first try that did not go very well but gave me some very useful pointers as to how to improve. I would like to point out that I did not bother finishing this prototype. My finished tank will hopefully be plated with lego but I may not have time to collect my plating. I will post an explanation video on youtube shortly. My youtube username is NXTMaerskfan. The video will also appear here.


The base is where the driving motors, nxt and the turret motor are. It is very crude and needs redesigning. The way the turret motor is attached is fairly secure however it looks awful. The way the turret piece and the base are connected is far too insecure. The base is too wide and the driving motors are too near the centre thus the base sinks in the middle (see pictures) All of the tracks are powered using gears to provide power to the front tracks.


The turret is very incomplete because it needs a major redesign. The rubber band catapult has potential but it needs a bit of thinking about. The reloading motor goes forward and hooks onto the rubberband and pulls it back. When it has pulled back quite far, the rubber band encounters a raised platform that pushes the rubber band off the reloader and fires. More on this in the video.


Firstly let me make it clear that THIS IS NOT A FINISHED PROJECT! IT IS AN INCOMPLETE PROTOTYPE. This tank has a lot of potential but it needs rethinking. I wanted to stay away from the traditional way of firing zamour spheres because it is a very weak way of firing. Using the rubber band catapult I hope to create a tank that has a powerful launcher. Look out for the next prototype/ actual project!

Explanation video: (with sound)


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