This is my flagship creation and was my second entry to the crazy contraption competition: TCATSDACDMTHAVLNAIBBM (The coffee and tea sugar dispensing and chocolate dispensing machine that has a very long name and is built by Maerskfan.)
After recently getting two more mindstorms sets i decided i needed to do something with them. So this is what i came up with:

The sugar draw

The sugar draw(s) are/is/an item that dispence sugar to the feeder. Sugar goes in. you fill a cuppa with sugar then you need more sugar so you empty the sugar draw (s). Simples! oh dear it seems the image is sideways turn your head to the left!

The feeder

Feeds sugar into your cuppa to make it taste good. That’s all i can say really…

The Stirrer

Comes down and stirs the sugar into your cuppa… mmmmmmmmmmmm more sideways images…

The chocolate dispenser

The chocolate dispenser uses the same firing mechanism as on basic gun (see ldd file on basic gun) Each dispenser can hold up to 5 chocolates and all it does is dispense the chocolate. You press the button, the light goes on (colour sensor) and your chocolate comes out.


unfortunately there is no video because in earlier tests i had some major spills. The final result works but i wasn’t allowed to use it because it had faulted too many times. oh by the way you clap to make it start!


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