Backlog: GLBC

This project is called GLBC (great little ball contraption). Yes it is very small for my 3 nxts 9 motors 13 sensors and over 3000 pieces but i’ll explain. When you have lots of lego you eventually think that you need to build a gbc. So that’s what i did – a little late for the competition. I would finish it but then it would be too late for the competition and also i got bored. gbcs are fun to watch and play with but the endless tweaking and boring programming involved is just too much for me… However i am quite pleased by the result even though 2% of the time it fails in some way. I used 1 nxt, 3 motors, a touch sensor (THE BIG RED BUTTON), and a few hundred pieces. so i have split it into 5 modules: the lift, the right angle, the conveyor, the ramps and the spinner.

The lift

I programmed the lift to wait two seconds, go up, wait two more seconds and come down. It never faulted.

The right angle

The right angle makes the balls head towards the conveyor, thats all really. It is made from normal lego and after about 100 lift hits it falls off. No motors no sensors SIMPLES!

The conveyor

The conveyor is made out of those funny lego pieces and is driven by a couple of wheels.

The ramps

The ramps are ramps that the ball goes down. They fall through the turntable holes and onto the next ramp. sometimes the balls get stuck. The balls head to the last module, The spinner!

The Spinner

The spinner is two wheels that push the zamour spheres to the finish. THE SPINNER used to be geared up something like 5:1 but after some problems (see problems) i took out the gearing ( it wasn’t really needed). Thats all.


1.Sometimes the right angle platform breaks (1/100 chance) 2.Sometimes the balls don’t go on the conveyer/or (1/50 chance) 3.Sometimes the balls don’t come off the conveyer/or onto the ramp (1/50 chance) 4 sometimes the balls don’t go through the turntables (1/50 chance) 5 sometimes the balls get stuck in the spinner (1/50 chance)[it used to be higher i used bigger wheels so when the balls get stuck the motor kept spinning twisting the axle – see picture.) 6 the tyres wore out a bit on the conveyor




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