Backlog: Larry the Lynx

Well how to start? Larry didn’t work as I wanted it to. larry was the first project I built after acquiring two new NXT sets (I’ll put why it was two in the about section later on). Larry was meant to be able to walk eat and turd. However Larry accomplished all these things – half. Larry’s walking base was superb if I might say. If you get down on all fours, Larry moves his left arm and right leg at the same time so that the balance is correct. However Larry was extremely heavy and his legs could not hold the weight when walking very fast. Larry’s head has an open-able mouth with a colour sensor. The head looks quite rough and the balls didn’t always go down the neck. Then Larry has a hole in his tummy. Finally the tummy wasn’t angled. You were meant to give zamour spheres as food. Well that’s it. Pictures:


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