Backlog: Spiney the spinosaurus

This is spiney the spinosaurus (S. aegyptiacus).  Spiney uses: 1 nxt brick 3 servo motors 1 touch sensor 1 ultrasonic sensor 1 colour sensor (optional) I tried to build Spiney with one nxt so that I could post an ldd but I ran out of pieces for the legs. (This is why it is a bit crude in some places). Sections: The spine, head and tail The “pat the back” Spiney v.s. Spinosaurus Conclusion

The Spine head and tail

So I will start with the spine. The spine is the one thing that REALLY makes spiney a spinosaurus. As I said earlier it is a bit crude in some places i.e. The top of the spine. There is a bit sticking up. However I am quite pleased with this bit. The head is also another thing that makes spiney a spinosaurus. The head on a spinosaurus is like a crocadile’s head. (See Jurassic park 3). Please note the head is NOT a copy from the crocodile’s head that is on the NXG software. The teeth are a bit crude i.e. crooked but i kind of like it that way. Finally the tail. All dinosaurs have a tail to counter the weight of their bodies. Spiney also has a tail to counter the weight of it’s body. I also made the tail so it is able to swing side to side. Crude again but it doesn’t look too bad.

The “pat the back”

This bit is basically a touch sensor with a pad on top. It is used to make Spiney happy (when the touch sensor goes down) That’s it i suppose. Picture: The pat the back is loctated before the tail

Spiney v.s. Spinosaurus

Spiney is like a spinosaurus because it has a spine, a croc like head, and a tail. However it’s legs are a bit stumpy and it’s very slow. I have included an artist’s impresion and a skelaton that is on display in China – It’s a spinosaurus no suprise!


Spiney didn’t work as well as I would of wanted it to – The walking base was not very good. Picture: Two more dinosaurs I made from a 2004 set – they might appear in the movie!





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