Backlog: Experiment 3: Basic Gun

Aim: make an effective, reliable gun with as few pieces as possible

How: angles!

Details: This experiment was done at the same time as the speed dozer. It uses a mechanism that you can find on the files page. It has a tray magasine that never jams and uses only about 100 ish pieces.

Conclusion: Very successful. Accomplished all aims



2 thoughts on “Backlog: Experiment 3: Basic Gun

  1. yeah. Great! in my first project, (my first pinball machine) you said ‘yeah it would be cool if it were all lego but I understand that it is your first project. I don’t like to just hand out five stars. I rate as it should be. But anyway cool! As a next bot try a gun cos’ they’re quite fun and easy. If you need inspiration check mine out and use the building instructions on my basic gun to start you off. Have fun! :-D’ and this is really hard to make nxt gun for me because I don’t have any zamor ball shooting bricks.


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